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RebatesMe Full Review

If you are looking for a fast growing cash back portal, RebatesMe might be one of your choice. Founded in 2013, and re-branded in 2015, RebatesMe expanded the numbers of the retailers from 1000+ to 4000+ mainly in U.S. and international online stores. It also publishes promotions, coupons on a daily base that gives you a way to save extra bucks.

RebatesMe operates on multiple languages including English, Chinese and Korean whose target customers covers global markets. It offers appealing referral program, ($30 per user in promotion period) and frequent campaigns which double or triple the cash back for selected retailers. Click here to register an account to get $10 bonus.


  • $10 Sign-up Bonus
  • Referral Program (up to $30 bonus per customer referred)
  • Cash out with Paypal, ACH, Alipay as soon as you hit the minimum $20 account payable cash back.
  • Extra channel for discounted gift card purchasing.


  • RebatesMe PC web Portal
  • RebatesMe Browser extension (button)
  • RebatesMe APP (both on iOS and Android)

Bottom Line

RebatesMe is one of the best sites I recommended to use if you would like to start earning cash back when purchasing online. The layout and the language used indicates the site is operating in China but still perform user friendly for global users. Browse the deals and always click on the cash back button before you buy to gain the best price.

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