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iConsumer Full Review

Besides offering cash back to their consumers, iConsumer also offers shares of iConsumer stock on purchases. When you sign up for membership you are getting the opportunity to be an owner, as a result, you will need to supply your SSID and tax info if necessary. iConsumer serves for U.S local consumers only, founded in 2015, they are now boosting over 70K users and support 1,700 stores. This is a unique opportunity to have ownership in a company in which you help generate revenue.

Additionally, they offer the highest cash back for certain stores under a limit. For example, you earn 4% cash back at eBay which is limited up to $20 every month. only. Register NOW!


  • FREE pay-outs through Check via mail.
  • Invite your friends and earn 100 ownership shares for each and get 150 shares + $10 when they shop.
  • Highest cash back rates for a certain store with limit.
  • $2 per month inactivity fee if your account is inactive for two or more years.
  • Support 1,700+ of retailers online.


  • iConsumer PC Portal (accessible from domestic U.S only)
  • iConsumer cash back button (on Chrome)
  • iConsumer APP (both on iOS and Android)

Bottom Line:

Brand new concept in the cash back/portal shopping field that allows the users to be a stakeholder of the company. They have yet to go public with an IPO so this is an early stage to see where it pans out. Think of it as contributing into a 401 but with no risk. Moreover, its always better to get the highest cash back rates even for a limit every month.

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