How does the Cash Back Sites work?

Cash back sites play as the essential role in the affiliate marketing program of all the brands. They are the middle layer between the end user and the online shops. You may wonder “how the cash back is generated?”, the fact is, all the online shopping brands maintain an affiliate marketing budget every year and give away the commission to any website who guides the traffic to the shopping store. Cash back sites, redirect the user to the shopping store and when the user makes the purchase, a commission is earned, by giving a part of the commission to the end user, Cash back sites offer the user the opportunity to save their bucks.

All you have to do is visit one of the cash back sites with the best cash back rate listed, click the shopping button and get redirected to the shopping store, make your purchase and a certain rate of cash back will be recorded. You will be able to request a cash back payment approximately after 90 days when the purchasing commission has been paid from the store to the cash back site. 

Most of your favorite stores holds the affiliate marketing budget which means you would be able to earn the cash back on almost all online stores in your daily life, some examples of the merchants you may familiar with are:

Saks Fifth Avenue
– Amazon
Best Buy
– eBay
– Sephora
– Home Depot
– Kohl’s

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