GoodShop Full Review

GoodShop is a new player in the cashback portal world which was founded recently by Ken Ramberg. The portal featured in charity rather than the cashback as GoodShop connects with a good sum of non-profit schools or projects (you can add your own cause!) that once you earned the cashback from your shopping, you can decide where your cash should go. GoodShop offers the shoppers a good way to save money and do the donation at the same time.


  • Referral program, refer friends to earn up to 5% cash back on their total purchases.
  • You can choose to claim the cash to your wallet or donate to a non-profit cause.


  • GoodShop PC web portal
  • GoCashBack APP (available in AppStore)

Bottom Line:

Shop with coupons, earn your cashback and donate to a good cause are the key features in GoodShop.


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