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CashbackIndex team is organized to serve as a comparison portal for online consumers to compare the cash back rates that online merchants provide through their affiliated marketing program. We serve you the live data feed from most of the cashback portals and miles/credits portals so as to maximize your rebate. The idea was originated when we realized that different online shopping portals may provide different cash back rebates for the same retail store and the rates varies as the time change.

CashbackIndex is your best choice by checking the most updated cashback rates or miles/credit rewards through out the major portals on the market right before you have a go. Also try to install a chrome button which helps you to grab the live rates right before you shop.

Visit our blog, we help you to understand which portal works better and what is the best practice when earning your cashback during shopping with detailed instructions and summaries. Over 10,000 retail stores have been included in our search database.

We'd appreciate if you find our site is helpful. If you have any question or suggestion or business inquiries please contact us at Your opinion is valued!

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